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Misen Is Offering 50% Off Its Chef-Approved Cookware

The Misen Factory Outlet Sale overfloweth with deals on cast-iron braisers, high quality kitchen tools, and more elevated kitchen staples.
misen cookware factory sale
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

We’re living in the golden era of aesthetic cookware, where a single eight-in-one pan can enchant the internet, and millennial pink saucepans and Yves-Klein-blue baking sheets abound, bringing us closer than ever to our summer 2022 Ina Garten cosplay dreams. But even amongst the best of the best, Misen continues to make our top-shelf cut. 

Launched in 2015 by actual chefs, Misen’s founders want to focus on designing only the most essential, high-quality kitchen tools and cookware that they reach for in the kitchen. They also realized that by cutting out the retail middleman and selling directly to customers online, that they could offer their wares at “honest prices,” and the result has been an ever-evolving line of classic non-stick cookware, affordable chef’s knives, and a carbon steel wok that garnered over 17,000 pre-orders last year alone. The cherries jubilee on top? As far as ~aesthetic~ cookware colorways go, Misen’s is one of the most sophisticated with calming sage and eggshell blue tones. 


Naturally, we dropped everything we were doing when we found out that Misen is throwing a Factory Sale with savings of up to 50% off its highly rated braisers, prep tools, and more cookware essentials that can give your kitchen a little TLC. Tighten your apron (this one, specifically), loosen your purse strings, and let’s dish the specs on our personal picks. 

Don’t miss an affordable braiser

A good braiser should be like a child: an investment, and the object of your unconditional love. This Mommie Dearest was impressed by Misen’s cast iron braiser, which is crafted with four separately fired layers of premium enamel over the iron core, and given a versatile, broad shape for everything from searing meats to poaching eggs. It has a 4.9-star average rating on the site, with one reviewer saying, “This is the first item I've purchased from Misen, and this will be the last braiser I will ever need in my kitchen. The quality far exceeds other brand-named kitchen products.” 

$140$98 at Misen

$140$98 at Misen

Upgrade your crusty prep tools

We can only take so much when it comes to MacGyvering our kitchen tools, and settling for a crusty spatula made out of cheap plastic is hurting our dignity (and our cooking). Nothing is more satisfying to our Virgo souls than this matching set of prep tools, which includes Misen’s fish spatula, mixing spoon, tongs, whisk, and its special “spoontula” (exactly what it sounds like). Every piece is made with high-grade silicone that’s sturdy but flexible, which is just what you need when you’re scraping out the last of the cookie batter. “The tools are robust while also being gentle on pots, pans, and other dishware,” writes one reviewer. “[They’re] easy to clean, a joy to cook with, and will be a go-to in the kitchen for us for years to come.” 

$68$38 at Misen

$68$38 at Misen

The hack for more evenly cooked oven dishes

What’s an oven steel, you ask? It’s the simple trick of placing a sheet of steel in your oven in order to minimize temperature fluctuations, catch drips, and give you better browning and more evenly baked meals. Misen’s USA-made carbon steel sheet has a 4.8-star average rating, and is a serious helping hand for hardcore bakers and kitchen n00bs alike. “I absolutely love the oven steel,” writes one reviewer. “I was hesitant to spend the money, but figured with the amount of bread making I do that the steel may be worth the money. [My] breads bake more evenly on the various racks, [and the] oven stays cleaner.”

$75$52 at Misen

$75$52 at Misen

Now go forth and braise, baby. 

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