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Omsom's First Shaker Kit Will Spice Up Your Life With Salt, Pepper, and MSG

The psychedelic seasoning kit puts MSG right on the table with salt and pepper, so you can make any meal more umami.
Omsom’s New IYKYK Shaker Kit Brings MSG to the Table
Photo courtesy of Omsom

Spiceheads, assemble! One of our favorite female-owned food businesses, Omsom, just launched the IYKYK set which is the perfect tabletop gift set for umami-lovers everywhere. In addition to the father (salt) and son (pepper) of the holy spice trinity, Omsom has introduced the holy ghost (MSG) to complete this glorious savory sacrament. 

$85 at Omsom

$85 at Omsom

While it’s not that common to find MSG shakers on restaurant tables in the U.S., it’s used just as often as salt in other parts of the world; and a 2014 report found that ‘the world demand for MSG was estimated at more than 3 million metric tons, which is valued at $4.5 billion.” Omsom’s founders, sibling duo Vanessa and Kim Pham, are daughters of Vietnamese refugees, and hope to use their brand to bring East-Asian spices to new palates, as well as help reverse the racism and negative stigma associated with MSG. So if you’re just now opening your own kitchen to the savory, umami, flavor-deepening seasoning, get your feet wet with an ultra-cool refillable shaker set—filled with only the finest: MSG produced by Ajinomoto, pepper sourced from Vietnam, and salt sourced from South Korea. 


Encourage your friends who love to cook to expand their flavor roster (the more umami, the better, right?), and spread the good word with this kitchen-brightening set. Add a little sprinkle of MSG, and you’ll shift into soup mode at turbo-speed. 

Omsom’s IYKYK Set is available at 

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