The Hunter's Moon: October’s Full Moon in Aries

Astrologically, it’s a decisive time of year.
A Collage Of The Hunter's Moon, October’s Full Moon In Aries

Full moons take place when the sun and moon are opposite each other in the sky, astrologically symbolizing a period of culmination and release! During the Hunter’s Moon on October 9, 2022, the sun in Libra stands opposite the moon in Aries, which could bring a confrontation… or result in a compromise!

What Is the Hunter’s Moon?

The Hunter’s Moon is the full moon that takes place after the Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. The Farmers’ Almanac explains that we call it the Hunter’s Moon because it represents a period of hunting and preparation for winter. These days, most of us head to the grocery store instead of hunting; but autumn’s reputation as a season of preparation endures. (Consider “cuffing season,” the fall months when people pair off, hoping to find a lover to keep them warm in the winter months!)

What Does the Hunter’s Moon in Aries Represent?

As the sun moves through Libra, the sign of the scales, there’s plenty of weighing, deliberating, and discussing. During Libra season, we do not make decisions lightly; it is crucial to be fair and just. The full moon in Aries (which can only take place during Libra season) comes along during this period of deep consideration, helping us make a decision and slam the gavel. Aries energy is all about courage and action, and the opposition between the moon in fiery Aries and the sun in considerate Libra calls us to make a choice that aligns with our integrity, values, and purpose. 

The sun in Libra loves to be polite and approaches things delicately. Libras are typically popular, and that’s not by chance: Libra is a friendly air sign that cares about peace in their social life. The full moon in Aries can find us confronting an issue head-on (Aries does rule the head), and though this confrontational energy isn’t Libra’s typical style, this full moon can spur dynamic change, and with Libra’s talent for diplomacy, incredible compromises can take place!


Libra is also the sign of partnership, while Aries is the sign of independence. But this doesn’t mean that people who have their sun in Aries don’t long for companionship, or that people with their sun in Libra can’t be alone! These zodiac signs have archetypal drives, and as the planets move through them, these themes are up for consideration and meditation. So as the sun in cuffed-up Libra opposes the moon in untethered Aries, a full moon can find us renegotiating boundaries, expectations, and standards in our partnerships. 

What’s Special About This Hunter’s Moon in Aries?

Venus, the planet of love and unity, applies to a conjunction (a joining of two or more planets at the same degree of the zodiac) with the sun in Libra, which can find us feeling aligned with our sense of purpose, values, and desires. This could mean we’re feeling especially attractive or magnetic!

However, whenever the sun is in contact with a planet during the full moon, so is the moon! The moon in Aries separates from an opposition with Venus, which can find us considering the ways our ideal relationships have played out in real life. Partnership and compromise are big themes at this time due to Venus’s proximity to the full moon. We are confronted with the reality of a situation, and considering how our relationships align with our values and emotions.


The sun applies to a trine (a harmonious alignment) with Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius, which means very difficult or tedious things can see hopeful progress. The moon also applies to a sextile (another easy alignment) with Mars and Saturn, encouraging us to be honest about our limitations and objectives. Chiron, a centaur object astrologers note, is also highlighted during this time as it sits by the moon and opposes the sun, which can inspire a DIY approach to things… If help is requested and not given, we might take it upon ourselves to change things! 

Mercury in Virgo separates from a square (an alignment which might point to tension or inspire action) with Mars, pushing us to say something we’ve been thinking about for a long time. Words come out impulsively, but they have been carefully calculated. Mercury applies to an opposition with Jupiter in Aries, which can point toward understanding lofty ideas in a practical way. However, it would be wise to stay organized and try not to overlook small retails as Mercury also separates from an opposition with Neptune in Pisces, which might mean that things require lots of explanation. Ideas are not as clear, and are worth repeating or clarifying! Mercury separates from a trine to Pluto, and information that has been hiding can finally be processed and organized.

Venus applies to a trine to Saturn, and we’re considering what we commit to in relationships. There’s an acceleration toward putting a ring on it, so to speak, or if you don’t see much longevity in a relationship, there might be a motion toward ending things. Commitments in relationships are being resolved.

Mars separates from a trine to Saturn, and we’re making a dent in whatever is very tedious and longstanding in our lives. Mars applies to a square to Neptune, encouraging us to improvise, think on our feet, and simply lose ourselves to dance!

Saturn’s still separating from its square to Uranus in Taurus, and Neptune is from its sextile with Pluto. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are very slow moving planets, so their astrological impact isn’t just felt on this full moon, but this era in general. Saturn’s square with Uranus symbolizes a change in tradition or to long-standing rules: This can be a pivotal moment when it comes to reworking systems and expectations in our lives. Neptune’s sextile with Pluto can find unconscious or collective power dynamics dissolving and becoming unraveled.

Whatever this full moon means for you, there’s a sense of culmination, release, or resolve at this time. Libra season’s aim is to serve peace and justice; the full moon in decisive Aries might just get us there!