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Brightland's New Castelvetrano Olive Oil Is Here and We're Psyched

It's hard facts that Castelvetrano olives are the best olives—and now Brightland has made them into a smooth, delicious olive oil.
Brightland Introduces Castelvetrano Olive Oil
Photo: Brightland

If briny, salty, umami snacks are your thing, it’s more than likely you’ve heard the word Castelvetrano—an olive so vividly green, so meaty, it’s basically the Dom Perignon of olive varieties. An elite snacking olive which offers a lovely counterpoint to kalamata (the red wine of olives), the Castelvetrano, much like a white wine, has bright, crisp, buttery, and peppery notes. You’ve had them as a snack; but how about as an oil, drizzled on your salads, crostini, or fresh veggies? Now, the mighty Castelvetrano has gone condiment, thanks to artisanal olive oil and vinegar company Brightland.


$40 at Brightland

$40 at Brightland

Brightland typically sources all of the fruit for their artisanal oils from a family-run farm in California’s central coast, but for the forthcoming Paragon collection, the brand is launching a series of special edition drops—don’t worry, no lines or velvet ropes involved. The Castelvetrano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first in a series of “highly-curated” editions that feature olive oils from small producers all over the world. Fewer than 1,200 bottles were made of this golden elixir, and each will be numbered like a rare art print.

The most important takeaway is how insanely fresh and delicious Castelvetrano olive oil actually is. Perfect for crafting a decadent olive oil cake—ideal for lactose intolerant besties, or pairing with, “rich burrata, fresh-off-the-vine summer tomatoes, early spring fava beans, and thick slices of farmhouse bread,” according to the experts at Brightland. 

An excellent way of saying “Olive You,” the Castelvetrano olive oil is available now over at Brightland.

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