Monthly Horoscope: Aries, January 2022

Welcome to Capricorn season, dear Aries!
Capricorn and Aquarius
Robin Eisenberg

The sun in Capricorn sparks your motivation as it lights up the sector of your chart that rules your career! Being a leader often comes naturally to you, dear Aries, and Capricorn season is a brilliant time for you to show the world how pioneering, organized, and upbeat you can be when you’re in charge!

The sun in Capricorn connects with Uranus in Taurus on January 1, which may bring a creative solution to an issue regarding money, or perhaps a surprising gift will come your way. Communication planet Mercury enters Aquarius on January 2, finding you eager to network and connect with friends. This is an exciting time to share ideas, make plans for the future, and generally discuss your hopes and dreams—however, many of the plans you dream up may be reconsidered as Mercury retrograde begins later this month.


The new moon in Capricorn also takes place on January 2, marking the start of a new cycle in your career, reputation, or legacy. This is a powerful new moon for imagining the impact and success you can achieve, and with Venus retrograde in Capricorn for most of this month, you’re rethinking what’s important to you in your career. What do you want to be remembered for? And how do you want to be rewarded for it? This new moon marks the start of a new journey toward fame and fortune.

A boost in imagination and creativity arrives on January 5 as Venus mingles with Neptune in Pisces, which could find you feeling especially charming or glamorous—though you may find that during Venus retrograde, themes like love, money, and beauty feel more intense, pressing, or fraught. Fortunately, Neptune’s influence helps us go with the flow on January 5.

On January 8, an important realization about what you value takes place as the sun meets Venus retrograde. The sun mingles with Neptune on January 10, inspiring your imagination…but watch out for miscommunications or a generally lazy atmosphere on January 11 as your ruling planet Mars, currently in Sagittarius, squares off with Neptune. 

Mercury retrograde begins in Aquarius on January 14, which can find you running into old friends and revisiting dreams and goals you had for your future—some which you may want to explore again, and others you might be realizing you have outgrown! Mercury in Aquarius is highly rational, but Mercury retrograde means there might be more miscommunications and delays. Astrologers usually advise against traveling, making big purchases, or signing contracts during this time. While mid-month may be tricky for communication, your sense of control will likely still be strong as the sun meets Pluto in Capricorn on January 15. This can be an especially important moment in your career. You may be stepping into a new level of leadership and power! 


The full moon in Cancer takes place on January 17, bringing your attention to your home and family life. This is a great full moon for addressing your work-life balance. A climax to a situation that’s been building in your personal life or regarding the past may take place. You might be moving or rearranging your living situation in some way. Big emotions surface: Capricorn season often finds us feeling cool and focused, but a full moon in emotive Cancer stirs up deep feelings. You might feel especially nostalgic at this time. Full moons are fantastic opportunities for release: Get rid of clutter in your home and energetically cleanse your space. 

Uranus ends its retrograde in Taurus on January 18, which could kick up some surprises concerning money, comfort, or security. A new way of budgeting or thinking about your belongings may be revealed. It’s an exciting time to experiment! The sun enters Aquarius on January 19, bringing your focus to your social life. This is an exciting time to network, and an important meeting or idea is shared as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on January 23. A meaningful realization can take place! 

Motivating you in your career is Mars’s entry into Capricorn on January 24: This is an exciting time to pursue your goals, and some fantastic rewards or recognition for your hard work and talent are won! Aries has a tendency to be impatient, but Mars in Capricorn helps you make measured, strategic moves. Mars in Capricorn isn’t about quick fixes, but long-term success!

Mercury also re-renters Capricorn while on its retrograde journey on January 25, which could find you revisiting some plans or conversations regarding your career. Mercury retrograde meets Pluto on January 28, and people are getting to the heart of the issues they are discussing at this time. With Mercury retrograde, information that was previously missed or obscured may come to light. Mercury’s meeting with Pluto is a powerful time for research. Pluto rules the underworld, and Mercury isn’t afraid to go rooting around in the muck to get the information it’s looking for!

Venus ends its retrograde in Capricorn on January 29, which could find you clearer on your values, especially regarding your career and life in public, and you’re ready to move forward with partners who respect and appreciate your drive and success! The sun squares off with Uranus on January 30, urging you to break free from limiting situations. If you have been feeling smothered or controlled, you’ll likely make a move at this point to address the dynamic. Changes may be abrupt and unexpected. Financial concerns may also be on your mind as you reflect on your sense of financial stability. The best way to work with this energy is to stay present, be open to experimentation, and embrace your individuality.

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in February!