'The Sims 4' Players Finally End Their Seven Year Quest For Bunk Beds

Soon, there will be another thing the game doesn't yet have players will campaign for.
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Image Source: The Sims 4

After almost a decade of content updates and DLC, The Sims 4 has vampires, ghosts, college, keyboards, saris, onigiri, snowboarding, toddlers, and pools. But until today, it did not have one thing players have been asking for for years: bunk beds. Finally, bunk beds are coming to the game today.

A big complaint for Simmers is that The Sims 4 launched without items that they feel are essential for the game. Some of these items might not make sense to a non-player. When The Sims 4 introduced a plain, white wall shelf as part of a free update, players legitimately freaked out with excitement. But imagine this: you know exactly what would tie your bedroom together, but not only can you not find the thing you need, it simply doesn't exist. That's what it's like for Simmers who have taken to Twitter to beg the developers to add items to the game.


WhatSimmers ask for comes and goes in cycles, and can sometimes feel arbitrary, one of the longest standing request has always been bunk beds. They haven't been a series mainstay, first appearing in the now defunct The Sims Online and coming to The Sims 3 in an expansion pack, but it is easy to see why Simmer want them. It is the same reason I wanted a bunk bed in real life: they're really fucking cool, and they save a lot of space. Space comes at a premium in The Sims 4 because of pathing. The ways that Sims choose what paths to take often don't make sense (tell me why my Sims keep using the upstairs bathroom counter to chop veggies for dinner when there's a perfectly good one downstairs?), leading to traffic jams in the hallway and Sims peeing their pants. Bunk beds save floor space, and could theoretically mitigate these problems. 

In their desperation, Simmers have come up with temporary solutions to the bunk bed problem. This video from last year from well known Simmer Lilsimsie shows her trying out a bunk bed mod made by another player. It has over one million views.

Although mods can fill in the missing spaces for some players, people who play The Sims on console don't have access to them. So even though these community solutions exist, it still wasn't enough for some players, who have taken some borderline deranged steps to get the attention of the developers. Popular Sims YouTuber James Turner went to the lengths of making a house that looks like a bunk bed last summer:


The developers for their part, seem to know how much even the scent of bunk beds drives the fanbase into a frenzy. Sims producer David Miotke has been tweeting cringe worthy bunk bed puns, seemingly just to watch people squirm.

In moments, the anticipation will be over, and Simmers can revise the layouts of their houses so that siblings can share rooms more easily. But the toil of a Simmer never ends. Soon, there will be another thing the game doesn't yet have players will campaign for.