'Hello, Nice FBI Lady': Capitol Hill Jamoke Emailed FBI Video of His Crimes, Court Documents Say

Without hesitation, a Capitol Hill rioter who posted evidence of his trespassing on Instagram, then sent emails detailing his crimes to the FBI, according to court documents.
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Screengrab: FBI affidavit

In yet another self-own for the ages, a Chicago-area man who along with “Podium Guy” allegedly invaded the office of House Leader Nancy Pelosi, willingly emailed incriminating videos of himself doing crimes to an undisguised FBI special agent. The email said: “Hello there, Nice FBI Lady. Here are the links to the videos,” according to court records.


The criminal complaint against Kevin Lyons, 40, first reported on by the Chicago Sun-Times, provides stunning insight into how in-over-their-heads at least some of the actors during last week’s violent coup attempt were. 

According to court documents, Lyons, who initially denied his involvement in the incident but confirmed he was in D.C. at the time, said he had a “dream” he was nearby when something similar to the far-right invasion of inside Congress occurred. 

But investigators clearly weren’t buying his story and showed Lyons a mountain of evidence suggesting he was involved, including Twitter and Instagram posts Lyons made while he was in D.C. Lyons, who underestimated the investigative powers of the FBI, was surprised at how quickly they had linked him to the events of last week and admitted his guilt. 

“Wow, you are pretty good,” he said when he was confronted with overwhelming evidence of his actions on Capitol Hill.

“I am heading to DC to STOP THE STEAL!" Lyons posted from his personal Instagram account, with an accompanying photo of a Google map screenshot literally marking his personal address near Chicago and the route all the way to Congress in D.C.

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The screenshot included in the criminal complaint against Lyons.

Shortly after that post, another photo from his account appeared, which was obtained by the FBI, depicting a personal image of the office of Pelosi inside the Capitol, with the caption: “WHOS HOUSE?!?!? OUR HOUSE!!”

According to the court records, FBI investigators showed up at his house in the Chicago area, asked him for evidence, to which he basically complied. They asked him to show them his phone and to thumb through photos and videos. He did. "When asked whether he would be willing to give the FBI agents a copy of the video, Lyons said the file would be too big, and offered to upload his videos to YouTube and email the link to the agents." They soon got an email from him with links attached.

In the videos he sent to FBI investigators, Lyons didn’t only rat himself out, he turned in one of the most infamous rioters who appeared in last week’s violence: Podium Guy, who was seen stealing Pelosi’s podium and grinning for cameras while he walked away with it.

“Looks like Podium Guy is in one of them,” said Lyons, referring to the videos and pointing the finger at Florida man Adam Johnson, 36, who was later identified and arrested, “less the podium. Let me know if you need anything else. Kevin Lyons.”

Lyons faces charges of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building without lawful authority and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. Earlier this week, the FBI showed it is also using evidence live streamed by Baked Alaska, a far-right social media influencer.