Watch Michael J. Fox Try on Actual Self-Tying Nikes


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Watch Michael J. Fox Try on Actual Self-Tying Nikes

Complete with futuristic whirring noises.

Finally, in 2015, when Back to the Future Part II is supposed to take place, Nike released the shoes it said it would release in Back to the Future's 2015: the self-lacing Nike Air Mag. And the first pair obviously went to Michael J. Fox, the guy who played Marty McFly.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research tweeted a photo showing the kicks and also posted a video, which you can view above, of him trying them on. While this is far from a glitzy product screening, the functionality is all there, along with the robotic whirring you'd expect for futuristic sneakers.

While Nike has been teasing the idea of the self-lacing Nike Air Mag shoe for years, ever since it appeared first in Back to the Future Part II (the movie, while it rests comfortably in the memories of its viewers, was also a textbook example of flagrant product placement). The company auctioned off some 1,500 of these sneakers (albeit not self-lacing) in 2011, generating $4.7 million in donations for the Foundation.

The shoes are slated for release in the spring, but for now, we have video proof that the future is indeed here.