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Aston Martin’s Soundcloud Account Is Basically a Very Expensive ASMR Experience

You can be James Bond if you close your eyes hard enough.
November 17, 2015, 2:46pm
Image: Aston Martin

You may never have the $200,000 to plop down on the Aston Martin of your dreams, but at the very least, the company's new Soundcloud account will let you briefly, fleetingly hear what it's like behind the wheel.

Luxury automakers know how crucial the aural experience is to driving a high-end car. The Economist recently detailed how much work Ferrari puts into the distinctive sound of its engines, as well as a mini-controversy over the (slightly) muted sounded of the turbocharged engine in its new 488 GTB. Meanwhile, BMW hires acoustic engineers to make sure everything sounds right, down to the opening and closing of its doors.

Aston Martin's Soundcloud account has been going strong for more than a year—we saw it pop up (where else?) on /r/cars today—letting more frugal car enthusiasts close their eyes and feel in the moment behind a Vantage S Roadster. The tracks also take listeners through the entire spectrum of sounds: the car starting up, then speeding up, then zooming right by. Play it loud, with some nice headphones on.