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You Can Now Buy Weed from a Drive-Thru in Colorado

The state welcomes the country's first express window for recreational weed.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Photo illustration by Lia Kantrowitz with images via Shutterstock

Good news, stoners: The nation's first ever drive-thru dispensary for recreational weed is opening in Colorado on Thursday, just in time for 4/20, the Post Independent reports.

The Tumbleweed Express in Parachute, Colorado, is set to become the only recreational dispensary of its kind to offer the convenient service. When 4 PM rolls around, some lucky pothead will become the first in the country to pull his car up to a window and pick up bud from a drive-thru without needing a medical license. Well, maybe not the first.


Mark Smith, who opened the outfit as an offshoot from his larger, original Tumbleweed dispensary, decided to pursue a drive-thru option after people repeatedly knocked on the window of his shop and asked for green after hours. When a car-wash business across the street from his dispensary went up for sale, he pounced on it and set about making it 4/20-friendly.

"It seemed like the perfect fit," Smith told a local Fox affiliate. "The stars were in alignment."

Though folks have opened drive-thru dispensaries in other parts of the country—like Olympia, Washington—they only dish out medical weed. One Oregon company tried to pioneer the first ever recreational marijuana drive-thru last year, but it was shut down because it had set up shop right next to two schools.

Smith, however, didn't face too much opposition from the officials in his 1,100-person town, but the operation will need to follow a few stringent regulations. For starters, no one under the age of 21 can be in the car when it goes through the drive-thru. Also, he'll need to have security on-site at all times.

So long as Smith follows those rules, he'll soon be running America's first-ever recreational marijuana drive-thru, serving up product Thursday through Sunday from 4 PM to midnight.

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