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Bad Cop/Bad Cop Want to Make the World Co-Exist on "Womanarchist"

From their sophomore album, 'Warriors.'
Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

SoCal's own Bad Cop/Bad Cop will be releasing their second full-length Warriors on Fat Wreck Chords this June and, for frontwoman Stacey Dee, the current political climate seems to have greatly impacted its writing.

"I was playing around with the idea of how even the 'alt-left' are just as crazy as the 'alt-right' and that even though I'm way closer to the left's ideologies, it still doesn't sum up who I am or what I believe in," Dee says of the song's lead single, "Womanarchist." "Davey [Warsop, producer] said, 'Why don't you say you want to make the whole world feminist?' I thought that was great, but didn't say all I wanted to say about equality and people needing to label themselves. That's why the next verse ends with 'make the whole world humanist' and then finally ends with 'make the whole world co-exist,' which is ultimately the goal."

"Womanarchist" was produced by NOFX's Fat Mike and features overdriven guitars, snarled vocals, and plenty of palm-muting goodness, making the sound of bucking the current administration fell downright catchy. If you feel like politics have been getting you down (and who doesn't feel that way these days?), Bad Cop/Bad Cop is a temporary antidote to that darkness… and one that we need now more than ever.

Warriors is out on June 16. Pre-order it here. Bad Cop/Bad Cop have a few tour dates next month before heading out on Warped Tour this summer.