Mysterious Stranger Buys $1,300 of Ice Cream for Every Single Customer

The receipt was 7 feet long.
April 15, 2017, 6:00pm
Photo via Flickr User Labyrinth X

Everything's bigger in Texas—that's what one Fort Worth man proved once and for all after paying for an evening of free ice cream and ringing up a 7-foot long, $1,300 bill at local shop Sweet Sammies.

The now legendary good samaritan known only as "Mr. Gary" reportedly popped in to Sweet Sammies last weekend in a rush, hoping to get his $20 street parking validated. When staff members unhesitatingly complied, he was apparently taken aback and, rather than leave, spent the rest of the evening at the establishment buying ice cream for all comers.


"You know what, I'm going to pay for everybody's food that's in here," he told staff employees.

Standing to the side with a bottle of water, Mr. Gary initially told staff members he would stop when his bill hit $100, then $500, then $1,000, but the mystery man continued to let it ride all night long, topping out at around $1,300.

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But that wasn't all. Before leaving, Mr. Gary gave each worker a $100 tip.

And just like that, he strolled out into the Fort Worth night and into Instagram lore forever.

As for the epic receipt, Sweet Sammies plans to frame it, and preserve the night of generosity prominently on its walls.