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Teklife's Sirr Tmo Shares Forceful Footwork Remix of Khallee

"Black Car" is off the Brooklyn-based vocalist's new EP 'Troll.'
Photo of Khallee by Akilah Richardson

Hyperdub and Teklife affiliate Sirr Tmo today shared a vaporous remix of Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based crooner Khallee's "Black Car." The original R&B song feels like it's moving at several tempos at once; this footwork version ups the ante by inundating the mix with rolling, ghostly subs. The track doesn't follow a linear compositional logic as much as it drifts through space. It's grounded, though, by Tmo's intuitive sense of force.


Khallee told THUMP over email about how he connected with Sirr Tmo. "I sent him the EP with intentions of getting a different Chicago perspective on the tracks, and he chose 'Black Car.' His remix is perfect because it just reminds me of some high speed chase out of somewhere," he said. "The song is a reminder of not getting too hung up on things that might be checkpoints, and not hanging at the rest stop for too long in a metaphorical sense."

Khallee's Troll EP features the original version of "Black Car," and it was released on April 3. He will play a record release party this evening in Brooklyn at the Halcyon record store.

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