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Nilüfer Yanya’s New Video is a Very Aesthetic Ode to Drugs, Sex and Romance in the City

“The Florist” captures that specific feeling of having fun and getting high but knowing it won't last.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

A lot of people like to hate on London because it's grey and drizzly and expensive and the buses are so dirty and the people are so angry. But, actually, it's a really fun place to grow up. You can buy drugs everywhere if you're so inclined, you'll never run out of people to meet because there are a lot of them – they're literally everywhere – and even if you're skint you will find something to do because it's such a huge place and you can just walk around and breathe in the smoggy air and enjoy being alive.


This new video from 21-year-old musician Nilüfer Yanya, directed by Molly Daniel and Patrick Chamberlain, perfectly captures that very specific feeling of being young and free in the city, with nothing to do but get high with your mates and get off with people. It's for her atmospheric track "The Florist", which I think is a reference to plant food, and the video has the kind of beautiful but realistic aesthetic that makes you want go outside without any plans and see where the hours ahead take you. However, there's also a melancholy edge to it, like the looming prospect of the weekend ending or the comedown hitting you too soon.

"We drew references from gabber culture & 90s rave culture. We felt like this embodied the darker theme of the song which is essentially about chasing a high to fill the dark empty lonely void within," Nilüfer told Noisey, adding: "We shot over 5 days. We used digital & mini DV camera's to create a retro, futuristic vibe." Apparently all the people in this video shaved their heads especially for the occasion, so there's also that.

Watch the video below:

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