This story is over 5 years old.

Drunk Driver Wearing 'Drunk Lives Matter' Shirt Arrested

Talk about self-incriminating.

The grassroots momentum behind the Black Lives Matter movement has led to some very cringy and very avoidable missteps by those trying to use its name and momentum to sell stuff.

Need we remind you of the #caramelapplesmatter slogan used to sell candies, the "Black Olives Matter" sign used by an Italian restaurant to sell tapenade, and most recently and most agonizingly, Kendall Jenner's ad "trivializing" Black Lives Matter in an attempt to sell soda?


But one Pennsylvania bro misappropriated the term in a far less calculated and even more incriminating way. When Elwood Gutshall III was pulled over by cops in Pennsylvania on March 19, he was wearing a bright green "Drunk Lives Matter" St. Patrick's Day t-shirt, complete with a four-leaf-clover inside the "R." How quaint and seasonal.

Gutshall also had two-and-a-half times the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream, leading to a prompt DUI arrest, but luckily he was wearing exactly the right shirt to remind police that his life does, indeed, matter regardless. His mugshot shows a sad, bleary-eyed man donning the item of clothing, which will almost surely be "Exhibit A" at trial.

This incident is eerily reminiscent of last year's case of a man arrested for driving his car through a "stone wall, a granite post, and a utility pole before coming to a stop across the street from the Kensington Police Department headquarters," all while wearing a "This Guy Needs a Beer" shirt.

But at least that guy's shirt didn't trivialize an international movement calling out systemic racism. Just a thought.