How to Make the Preferred Corn Dish of KoЯn Fans


This story is over 5 years old.

How to Make the Preferred Corn Dish of KoЯn Fans

Creamy, crunchy, spicy elote is what you should be eating this weekend, with or without a side of nü metal.
June 11, 2016, 1:00am

It's the freakin' weekend. It's cookout season. You've got a big old bag of unshucked corn. What should you do with it?

Great question. Last year, apropos of nothing, really, we spent some time cruising around Reddit and interacting with KoЯn fans to find out how they like to eat their corn, as enthusiasts of the homophonic nü metal band. Some fans were not so keen on participating, but others waxed cheerfully about cornbread, kettle corn, and "KoЯnflakes." One dish stood out, however, as the clear fan favorite: elote.

Smothered with mayonnaise and cheese and sprinkled with chile powder, this traditional Mexican dish is the figurative jam, much like "Got the Life."

It's also super easy to make. But in case you need detailed instructions, we've got the recipe for you freaks on a leash.

RECIPE: Classic Elote

This recipe suggests boiling the corn, but feel free to throw it on the grill if you've got it all fired up already. Don't forget a generous twist of lime juice, and get your boogie on.