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A New Report Says Millennials Prefer Dinner to Sex

According to a new global survey from advertising company Havas Worldwide, more than a third of those aged between 18 and 34 would choose dinner at a restaurant over sex.

It's Friday night and you find yourself closing down Tinder to ring your real late-night booty call. You wait an agonising 30 minutes, but finally the delivery guy pushes your buzzer. You ravish the beautiful cheesy mounds on that 14-inch double pepperoni pizza like you've been apart for weeks.

Sound familiar?

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According to a new report released yesterday from advertising agency Havas Worldwide, 54 percent of Millennials (that's people aged between 18 and 34 who can currently be found catching Pokémon in the park) think "eating can be just as pleasurable as sex." What's more, when given the choice between sex and "an excellent dinner at a restaurant," 35 percent would opt for dinner.


Well, if it was an excellent dinner …

The report, which surveyed 11,976 men and women aged over 18-years-old in 37 countries, found that both men and women saw mid-afternoon snacks as pleasurable as afternoon delight (46 percent and 51 percent respectively).

However 42 percent of Millennial women, compared to 26 percent of Millennial men, said that dinner would win out over sex. Male brains could be hardwired to choose sex over food, after all.

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It's hardly news that Millennials are food-obsessed. Indeed Havas Worldwide also found that 53 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds count dining out as their "favourite social activity" and 56 percent consider food shopping "one of their favourite chores."

To all the Millennials out there, as you find yourself falling deeper into your overdraft to pay for those "excellent" dinners out and fun trips to Tesco, it could be worth reconsidering some of life's other hedonistic activities. You could burn off a bit of that pizza, too.