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Burger King's Racy Valentine's Day Meals Come with "Adult Toys"

Who are we to judge what people get up to after they eat a Whopper and drink a beer?
Screengrab via Leo Burnett Israel ליאו ברנט ישראל YouTube.

In an attempt to drum up some Valentine's Day social media attention while simultaneously competing with the Happy Meals™ of their nemesis, Burger King has resorted to adult entertainment to hawk burgers.

The BK "Adults Meal" will include two Whoppers, two packs of French fries, two beers and and a "romantic ADULT TOY." So, what are the sex toys at the heart of this marketing campaign? A penis ring made out of a hot and crispy onion ring? A Chili Cheese Grilled Dog-shaped strap-on? Burger ball gag? (OK, we'll stop.)


Not quite. In the ad, a soft female voice proclaims, "Kids' meal? That's for kids…" before the contents of the opaque box are finally unveiled: a blindfold, a metal tickler, and a feather duster.

This whole setup might sound more like onion breath, beer farts, and lots of tickling rather than an evening of proper kink, but, hey, who are we to judge what people get up to after they eat a Whopper and drink a beer?

Anyone familiar with the brand stateside would be right to point out that Burger King does not serve beer in the US. That's because, for the time being, the Adults Meal promotion will only be available in Israel.

There's no word as to whether we'll be getting these erotic boxes in North America anytime soon, but we're more excited about Burger King having beer than handing out sex toys.