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This Mexican Restaurant Built a 'Trump Wall' for Inauguration Day

“People are interested in both cultures. We wanted to show not just the President, but everyone, how many people would come to visit Mexico.”

It has just four days since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States and, so far, he hasn't really brought up that wall that he's supposedly building on our southern border. But we don't believe that he's forgotten about it—and neither has anyone else.

On Saturday, anti-Trump demonstrators in Mexico City used cardboard boxes to build their own wall around the US embassy. And on American soil, a Mexican restaurant in Missouri built its own "Trump wall" on Inauguration Day as part of what it claims was an apolitical promotion.


The Las Fuentes restaurant in Arnold, Missouri, built a temporary "Trump Wall," topped with a constipated-looking caricature of the new President, offering "buy one, get one free" dinner entrees to anyone who snapped a picture in front of it on Friday night. When Las Fuentes and its owner, Jorge Maya, announced the promotion on Facebook, the response was mostly positive, minus a couple of critics who wanted to know if the restaurant was really Mexican-owned (it is) or whether it would also offer "safe spaces … and finger painting." ("No, just great food and even better people," the restaurant replied.)

"It was not political," Maya told MUNCHIES. "It was just to have fun and celebrate the [Inauguration] day. We take advantage of holidays as much as we can, and that was one of the holidays."

Maya said that unlike Trump's idea, his wall was there to bring people in—and it worked. Las Fuentes had a bigger-than-average Friday night, and the majority of customers took it in stride, as an Instagram-worthy distraction on an otherwise divisive day. "Only one customer said we ruined their appetite," he said. "When they found out what we were doing, they turned around and left. For the most part, people were happy."

Although Maya really, really wants everyone to know that he was just having fun, he did have a bit of a sincere reason for putting the plywood wall up in the first place. "We were trying to show what a wall would be like between Mexico and the United States and how many people would still come to visit," he said. "People are interested in both cultures. We wanted to show not just the President, but everyone, how many people would come to visit Mexico."

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Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is scheduled to visit Trump in the White House on January 31. Chances are, he could put a picture of Las Fuente's parking lot on Trump's desk and convince him that construction is well underway. "Yes, Mr. President," he'll say. "That wall is looking good already."