Lily Allen Covered Rufus Wainwright on an Anti-Trump Rework of "Going to a Town"

Sample lyric: "I'm so tired of you, America."
January 24, 2017, 11:21pm

If Trump thought he'd only have to contend with music and protest from American artists, he may be in for a wild ride over the next four years. Yes, this past weekend saw a massive run of protests held around the world in support of gender equality, in response to the inauguration of a US president who cheerily spoke about grabbing women "by the pussy". And sure, people on Twitter have chuckled at the growing number of videos using various songs to soundtrack footage of a protester punching Richard Spencer in the head.


But on top of that, musicians have started to make their concerns about the future of progressive American politics known. Some have gone for humour – see Tim Heidecker's ode to Spencer's head punch. Others have urged listeners to put their money where their mouths are, and donate to the Our First 100 Days song compilation. It's set to raise money for the organisations that may find themselves at risk, and their work ever more pressing, if Trump's administration is to follow through with some of the more, er, bold promises from the campaign trail.

The British response to Trump's inauguration was felt most keenly on Saturday, when thousands protested in Women's Marches around the country. That's not quite the end of it, though. Lily Allen, who's been vocal about everything from Trump to Syria, released a video for a Mark Ronson-produced cover of Rufus Wainwright's "Going to a Town", on Tuesday night. In the video, shot during last Friday's rally outside the US Embassy in London, she performs while protesters wave their placards, in a black-and-white clip shot by filmmaker Bafic.

The song features the vocal hook "I'm so tired of you, America", so you can no doubt connect the dots and figure out what Allen's version is about. By now Allen's learned how to deal with people asking her to keep her nose out of politics – as though being a musician somehow immediately excludes her from forming opinions – so RIP to her mentions in advance.

Watch Allen's "Going to a Town" video below.

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