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Listen to Unreleased Elliott Smith Song, “I Figured You Out”

Prepare to enter an entire world of tears.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

Preternaturally talented and gone far too soon, Elliott Smith has been a much-missed presence in the music industry since his death in 2003. Highly influential on most of your favourite indie bands, Smith had a knack for storytelling that never seemed trite or twee, and a quiet wit all his own.

For many, one of his greatest achievements was his 1997 album Either/Or, which will see a 20th anniversary reissue on March 10. The extended version will include a remastered cut of the original album, as well as a number of rarities from across his catalogue. One such rarity is a new studio version of "I Figured You Out," a song Smith originally wrote for Mary Lou Lord, which has now been released by Kill Rock Stars ahead of the reissue. Hear Smith's typically self-deprecating take on the track below, and prepare to get in your feelings:

(Image via YouTube)