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Your Monthly Horoscope: January, 2017

How will you fare in the first month of the new year? Let Broadly's resident astro guide Annabel Gat show you the way.

The new year opens with Mercury retrograde, but don't worry: Mercury will be direct in time for an emotional as hell full moon in Water sign Cancer! A new moon in cool, logical Air sign Aquarius comes later this January. See what this month has in store for you:


Mercury is currently retrograde in your sign, but it goes direct again this month—thank goddess. Read your monthly horoscope here.


The Sun enters your sign on January 19, kicking off your season! Watch out for an intense new moon in your sign later this month. Read your monthly horoscope here.


2017 starts on a fantastical, otherworldly note, and you can expect some movement around friendship and romance in January. Read your monthly horoscope here.

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