Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Speculate on the Chris Brown v. Soulja Boy Fight

The two musicians plan to take their social media feud to the boxing ring with the help of Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and 50 Cent.
January 11, 2017, 2:31pm

It's pretty common for two celebrities to have some major beef. But Chris Brown and Soulja Boy just out-feuded the rest by taking their fight off social media and into the boxing ring. Yes, the two musicians are heading to Dubai to duke it out with the help of Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and 50 Cent.

On Tuesday night's Desus & Mero, the Bodega Boys talked about this upcoming battle royale and gave their predictions on how long it will last and which musicians will follow suit.

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