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Antwon and Deafheaven's Kerry McCoy Are the World's Unlikeliest Emo Duo on "Changes"

The first taste of the '25th Street Sessions.'

Given the eclectic tastes and styles of both Deafheaven and Antonio Williams (a.k.a. Antwon), it shouldn't be too surprising that when the former's guitarist Kerry McCoy gets together with the latter, you get something that's neither metal nor rap but…. kind of emo? In "Changes," McCoy's jangly guitar part and Williams' hollered refrain of "In this same old town / I saw your face / You seemed so sad / I felt the same" certainly bring some Promise Ring vibes, but there's also an electronic chug native to new wave which makes this song tough to pin down.


"Kerry and I met at the last Caltrain stop in San Francisco, summer of 2012," says Williams. "Somewhat later on while working on Double Ecstasy, I asked Kerry to come in and make something for the record. He did and this became 'Changes.' Kerry said he had the riff forever in his head. My man Lars Stalfors helped us out overseeing and the rest was herstroy." Stream "Changes" below.

Photo by Moe Alvarez.

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