Trump Has Tapped Rick Perry for Energy Secretary

Perry may now wind up leading an agency he said he wanted to get rid of during his 2012 presidential bid.
December 13, 2016, 4:15pm

Perry on 'Dancing with the Stars.'

Donald Trump has picked ex-Texas governor and animal-science enthusiast Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy, according to the president-elect's transition team.

Perry—who once called Trump a "cancer on conservatism"—famously forgot the name of the department he's now tapped to lead during a 2011 primary debate while listing off governmental agencies he would get rid of if he were president.

As energy secretary, Perry would be responsible for energy research and regulation, as well as overseeing the nation's nuclear weapon stockpile. Politico reports that Perry has been a favorite for conservatives for the role, seeing him as someone who will bring reform in the department that has focused on clean energy and reducing fossil fuel dependence under the Obama administration.

Trump has said that he wants to roll back fossil fuel regulations put in place by the Obama administration during his first 100 days in office, which Perry could play a key role in.

It's still unclear, though, if Perry will continue all the Department of Energy's top-secret investigations into the Upside-Down if he is confirmed by the Senate for the position.