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Vimeo Launches New "Video School" Channel

The Vimeo Video School promises over 800 lessons, tips, and tutorials for both beginner and advanced video makers.
December 16, 2010, 7:05pm

Sure, the “digital revolution” has democratized the tools of production, putting a video camera in every smart-phone wielding 12-year-old’s hands, but just because our gadgets are exponentially more powerful and yet cheaper doesn’t mean we automatically know what to do with them. The infinite number of shitty internet videos out there is a testament to the fact that having the tools only takes you so far, knowing how to use them is a whole different ball game. To help even the playing field, at least in regards to video production, online video sharing site Vimeo is launching Vimeo Video School.

Beginners can start off watching the Video 101 classes covering basics like choosing the right camera and simple editing techniques, and those with a bit more experience can watch tutorials like “How To Make a Timelapse” to fine-tune shooting and editing talents. Lessons are both internally produced and culled by the Vimeo team from user-submitted tutorials. There’s also a community aspect built in to the program, with each lesson presenting a challenge that prompts the viewer to practice their newly developed skills along with their fellow “students.”

“With Vimeo Video School we have created a structured extension of what our community members have done for one another for years – teach and share best practices,” said ae Mellencamp, General Manager, Vimeo in a press release today.

Here’s a sneak preview screenshot of the new channel:

Now anyone from a Midwestern pre-teen with performing aspirations to a retiree with years of footage on film has a free place to hone their video skills. Props to Vimeo for getting us all on the same page in the digital age.