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A Year of Lil Wayne: Migos and Lil Wayne

Listen to "Amazing Amy" and dream of more collaborations on the eve of 'C U L T U R E.'

Day 128: "Amazing Amy" feat. Migos –  Sorry 4 the Wait 2, 2015

We're T-minus 12 hours to the new Migos album, so it seems appropriate, for the c u l t u r e, to revisit Lil Wayne's Migos collaboration, "Amazing Amy." I'd like to begin by quoting Quavo, who, for those keeping track for continuity's sake, says here that his girl deserves a Birkin bag. Astute listeners will remember Wayne complaining about the price of said bags in the song I posted yesterday, itself a collaboration between Wayne and Quavo. Read into that what you will, but I think clearly there is a link tying all this music together. I also gather Birkin bags are quite expensive. Anyway, like I said, I'd like to begin by quoting Quavo, who says, "for the jabronis / waiting for Migos and Wayne to fall off / nigga you can wait on it."


Besides the fact that Quavo calls everyone a jabroni, which is one of the certified best insults, he's right: Migos and Wayne are proving themselves to be eternal. This song came at a point during which both seemed poised to fall off, but that never happened. Instead, Migos are bigger than ever, and Wayne, while in an awkward spot business-wise, is sharper artistically than he's been in years. Are the seeds visible here? I'm not sure. Migos are a great feature because a Migos feature means three rock-solid verses that all feel like hooks without the need for a hook in between. But Wayne basically just says nothing and interpolates the hook to "CoCo" for no reason. On the other hand, he made a song based around the movie Gone Girl, which is a good movie. I just saw it again on TV the other night and I would recommend it, along with the book, particularly if you listen to Migos before watching.

My biggest complaint about this song is not that Wayne warbles about Plies in Auto-Tune but that it is the only such collaboration. There's supposedly another song called "Fantastic" floating around—the picture above was posted on Instagram after the studio session for what was supposed to be that song, according to LilWayneHQ—but it never saw an official release. Should there be more Migos and Wayne? Look at the picture above and tell me no. We need it for the culture.

Photo via Instagram/LilWayneHQ

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