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Harry Styles Is Brooding on New Track "Sweet Creature," Because He Broods Now, OK?

It's an acoustic guitar-led, Fleetwood Mac-influenced love-in.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

The Harry Styles relaunch machine is gearing up for the release of his debut album next Friday (May 12), and ahead of that we now have another new song—"Sweet Creature"—from that self-titled LP to wrap our ears around.

It's a simple track, led by a very "classic rock"-style acoustic guitar (apparently somebody has been listening to Rumours) and a strong vocal from Styles who seems to be out to prove that he does indeed have the range on this new project. Its strongly-felt Fleetwood Mac influence follows on logically from the highly Bowie-esque "Sign of the Times" which started the album campaign off, and seems to point to the album itself being a celebration of all Styles' favorite artists. Let's hope he manages to pour a little of himself into it too.

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