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Listen to Beach Fossils New Song Featuring Slowdive's Rachel Goswell

"Tangerine," the latest single from the band's forthcoming 'Somersault' LP, is still dreamy, but lusher than ever.

After four years away, Brooklyn-based indie heads Beach Fossils are now building up to the release of their third studio LP, Somersault, out June 2. By the sounds of it, they've spent that hiatus living in between an orchestra pit and a life-altering peyote trip. Recent singles "This Year," "Saint Ivy," "Down The Line," and in particular "Social Jetlag" have shown the band expanding their sound, maintaining the dreamy quality of their first two LPs but relying less on lo-fi production to get there. Strings and flutes line the mix now, new toys for the band to play with in their quest for wistfulness.


"Tangerine," premiering on Noisey today, is the lushest Somersault single yet, a dream-pop track with high violins and falsetto coos above chorus-laden acoustics and Dustin Payseur's redolent lyrics: "Our time together's always blurry / After a while it's all a story." Fittingly, it features Slowdive's Rachel Goswell as a guest vocalist. Listen to the track above.

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