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Rays Ballboy Climbs Ladder for Sensational Catch

Royals catcher Salvador Perez absolutely smoked a liner into left field foul territory and the Rays ballboy snared it with a leaping grab.
Eye poison via © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You'll be forgiven for possibly missing the barnburner between the 12-21 Kansas City Royals and the 17-19 Tampa Bay Rays in the gorgeous and not at all make-your-eyes-puke Tropicana Field, but there was actually a really great play out of Tampa yesterday.

In the second inning, Jake Odorizzi was dealing to Salvador Perez when the batter was just a little too quick to jump on his 0-2 offering, sending it screaming into foul territory down the left field line. It appeared destined to hit someone in the Royals bullpen, when a hero known to us only as Bobby emerged.


That's a legitimately great play! He not only made the play, but looked cool doing it with the little Jordan Jumpman flare to it. Some might say it had even a hint of a Jeterian play to it, during Jeter Week, no less.

The Royals bullpen was appreciative, Salvador Perez was appreciative, and the little kid he gave the ball to was certainly appreciative.

The Rays lost to the Royals, 6-0.