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Watch This Very Effective Anti-Terror Barrier Absolutely Decimate a Truck


As terrorists in Europe turn to using vehicles like cars and trucks to maim crowds of civilians, the demand for anti-terror vehicle barriers is rising.

In Germany, for example, many city centres already feature subtle concrete anti-terror barriers, but as Motherboard Germany explained, these aren't strong enough to withstand the impact of larger trucks like that used in the Berlin attack last Christmas.


But a video has surfaced online that shows a truck smashing into a new type of barrier specifically designed to prevent attacks like those witnessed in France, Germany, and now Britain.

The stunt, filmed in the Lower Saxony region of Germany, shows that the new barrier—created by an as of yet unnamed entrepreneur—is impeccably effective.

There's a real crash test dummy in this video though, the 48-year-old driver. He presumably had no idea just how well the barrier would work, and had to be airlifted to hospital.

So yeah, a few takeaways here. Driving really fast into a metal barrier is BAD. But the metal barrier itself seems GOOD.

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