It Only Takes 5 Minutes to Make These Red Pepper Pintxos


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It Only Takes 5 Minutes to Make These Red Pepper Pintxos

Three ingredients does a saucy minx make: roasted red peppers, anchovies, and enough olive oil to lube up an entire plate of what will become your Basque-inspired dinner.

After an exhausting week of keeping up with the never-ending saga of the collapse of the U.S. government, who actually has the time to do things like cook pan-roasted cod or make prime rib with chimichurri sauce for dinner?

Actually, a lot of people probably do, but there's all of season 2 of Master of None to catch up on right now, so whatever.

That's why you should make this light, Basque-inspired dinner.

This recipe for red pepper pintxos comes from the oldest of San Sebastian's gastronomic societies (which has been around since 1870), it only has three ingredients, and it's easier to make than logging onto Seamless and ordering a pizza.

FULL RECIPE: Red Pepper Pintxos.

Just put peppers on a plate and lay an anchovy across each one like a saucy minx bathing on a steamy beach. Then lube them up with the dankest olive oil you can find, and serve on a warm, toasty bed of bread. The key: don't buy shit ingredients.

Wash it all down with red vino, or, if you're feeling buck wild: Stand on a chair and pour some Txakoli down into a glass on a table. It's low in alcohol content, so you're mostly in the clear about showing up to work not-too-hungover tomorrow AM.