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Listen to Melbourne Duo Perfume's Atmospheric Exploratory Noise

This is music that drifts like a damp and atmospheric mist.

Grace Anderson and Lisa Lerkenfeldt met at a Melbourne gallery about a year ago. After a summer of improvisation they came to Perfume, a noise duo that works with electronics and bass. Exploring atmospheric electronics, dance rhythms, vocals and feedback, it's a project that pursues identity, sexuality and unconventional femininity.

That may sound weighty but their debut cassette, recorded by Holy Balm's Jonathan Hochman, and released on Paradise Daily Records, is five tracks that mix improvisation with rhythm and melody.


"Infinity 457",  a track from the tape that you can listen to below, works with a steady but minimal drum beat. Like awakening in an ICU, it has a clinical and unsettling sound and feel.

Perfume play Feb 11 at Melbourne's Tote as part of the Paradise Daily records showcase that includes Lucy Cliche, The UV Race, Sex Tourists, L.A.Suffocated, Kitchen's Floor, Red Red Krovvy, Video Ezy, Rites Wild, Vacuum, Lakes and Ela Stiles.

Noisey: You both have worked and produced work solo. How does Perfume differ from that? 
Lisa Lerkenfeldt: I have a solo ambient noise project with a forthcoming release on text/noise imprint Vienna Press and Grace has a solo gabba noise project in the works as well as The Shinkies. We both have pretty varied influences. Perfume is our conversations in sound.

What was it like recording with Jonathan Hochman? 
Yoni (Jonathan) is so generous. It was a really relaxing and enjoyable experience. We went to Sydney recorded and tanned.

The new tape combines atmospheric electronics, industrial dance rhythms, voice, feedback and gesture. I'm curious about gesture. How does that come into play?
Gesture is something we think about when performing live but is also underlying in the concept of our release. Gestures associated with music culture, femininity and generating rhythms.

The PDR show at the Tote this weekend is going to be sweet. Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to playing such a diverse line up. We are XL fans of Lucy Cliche and Red Red Krovvy always get us going but also very keen to see Video Easy and Ela Stiles.


Is there a track on the tape that you enjoy playing live the most? 
We love a secret track, an improvisation and leaving things to chance. You can really come into some beautiful sounds that way.

You have played many kind of venues. Do you have a favourite? 
One of our first shows was at a gallery in Sydney, we played with Phone and it suited us so well.

Perfume's cassette is available now through Paradise Daily records.

Catch Perfume at these shows: 
Feb 11 - Melbourne - Tote Paradise Daily Records showcase.
Feb 17 - Melbourne - Tote with HELM and Croatian Amor