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Watch Earth Angel Riz Ahmed Rap Twista's Verse from "Slow Jamz"

Yes alright it is from an episode of 'Girls' but let this one slide.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Some things, like dogs or Chance the Rapper or Blue Ivy, are, as we like to say here on the internet "too pure for this world." I would like to propose that we add Riz Ahmed, actor, one third of Swet Shop Boys and very adorable man, to that list. To support my case, I would like to present to you Exhibit A – Riz Ahmed, starring in the new and final series of Girls as Lena Dunham's surf teacher Paul-Louis, doing the cutest version of the Twista verse from "Slow Jamz" that you're ever likely to see:


Yes, I know that this is from Girls and I know that Lena Dunham features heavily but we have to take our blessings where we can so stop whinging. Let the sight of open-shirted Riz – rapping with the reckless abandon of a tiny puppy let loose in a field, linking his two great passions together in one moment of pure happiness – be a balm to your day. Follow Lauren on Twitter (Image via @JarettSays on Twitter)