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PREMIERE: The Danse Macabre of Noise Provocateur, SSSS

Fuck your Friday feeling
September 5, 2014, 3:26pm

You know the world is fucked when even the Swiss are getting apocalyptic. A fitting end to a summer of war and devastation, from Ferguson to the foothills of Northern Iraq, 'Are You Lost' is the work of Swiss noise-techno baron, Samuel Savenberg, whose unbearably tense debut LP, "Administration Of Fear" feels like some final countdown to ideological cataclysm. Or as Sam puts it: "heavy noise electronics with a taste for transcendental horror…techno as a means to insurrectional accelerationism". It seems that nice chocolate and a great healthcare system is no guarantee to happiness. Anyone got the number for Dignitas?


Administration Of Fear is out 21 September via Haunter Records. Pre-order here.

Thumbnail photo by Nico Sebastian Meyer

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