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Google Glass Is Back and Taking a Cue from HoloLens

It’s business in the front, party in an undisclosed location.

Rumors of the demise of Google Glass have been greatly exaggerated. The augmented reality wearable computer was a flop on arrival, failing to ignite the consumer market. But it's finding a new home in workplace settings—which is maybe where it should have been in the first place.

Google is taking a circuitous route, according to The Wall Street Journal, distributing the device to software developers who can develop it for professional settings like the healthcare industry. This also eliminates one of the major criticism of the original $1,500 consumer model (other than it being a $1,500 pair of glasses that make you look like a twerp), which was privacy concerns over people using them to record video in public.

The relaunched Glass takes a cue out of the books of Microsoft's upcoming HoloLens, which is marketing itself primarily to businesses first with an eventual consumer version on the horizon. Glass 2.0 is doing much the same, which could make it an easier sell for consumers who balked at it the first time around.