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Nicole Moudaber Sends Alcatraz's Seminal "Giv Me Luv" Into the Techno Stratosphere

Just you wait 'till that six minute mark hits...

If you were blasting techno in 1995, or maybe just have an astute sense of history, you remember the hit single "Giv Me Luv" by US house duo Alcatraz. If you weren't doing that, or perhaps have a tarnished memory from too many all-night techno parties, this mindblowing remix by one of the biggest names in the game—Nicole Moudaber—should help remind you.

The single was Alcatraz's only notable release, but it still made huge waves across the entire dance music community and helped establish Deep Dish's Washington D.C label Yoshitoshi Recordings.

"We thought long and hard about how we scheduled this 20th anniversary project and we deliberately chose Alcatraz for this difficult task. But the challenge didn't end there; a massive record still deserves a massive remix and I think it's safe to say we found the perfect woman for the job." says label boss Sharam.

"I've got so many fond memories of 'Giv Me Luv" and it was one of my favorite tunes from my formative clubbing days," recalls Moudaber. "So, when Yoshi mentioned the idea of me remixing it I just couldn't say no. In fact I was so familiar with Alcatraz I was already awash with ideas of what I could, or should, do with it. As I got into the mix one of those ideas just grew and grew, namely an extended breakdown that constantly builds; layering the memorable vocal to an intense pay-off and (hopeful) moment of real dancefloor drama."

The drama's real on this one, and once again points out an important fact of life… some of the best techno tracks are really fucking long.

Alcatraz - "Give Me Luv" (Remixes) is out Dec. 15th exclusively on Beatport, and worlwide on the 29th. 

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