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The ChopStars Have Chopped & Screwed the 'Moonlight' Soundtrack

'Purple Moonlight' is a must-listen.

Moonlight's dramatic winning of Best Picture at the Academy Awards Sunday night still has social media churning out hilarious memes and gifs. Director Barry Jenkins, a Miami native, gave space to chopped and screwed music in the film to reflect what soundtracked his growing up in the area. Now, thanks to Houston's DJ Candlestick of OG Ron C's ChopStars collective, Moonlight's soundtrack has been chopped, not slopped for our pleasure. Over the weekend, Jenkins repeatedly shared the edited soundtrack, Purple Moonlight, on Twitter, expressing his excitement for the adaptation.


In an interview with Pitchfork in November, Jenkins talked about the importance of chopped and screwed music for the film:

"When you slow things down there's this emotion, this yearning. I think in some ways, in Moonlight, we're doing the same thing. There's this idea, especially in the story, of Black trying to project this idea of masculinity. But as his life slows down you get to see that he's just sitting there"

Listen to Purple Moonlight below.

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