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Sasha Remixed London Grammar's "Hey Now" Into a Slice of Tech-House Heaven

Two generations of UK dance music meet in the middle.

London Grammar have established themselves as one of Britain's finest exports. If you are a house-obsessed dance junkie, you were probably first introduced to the trio's sultry, harmonious swells via their guest appearence on Disclosure's debut album, Like those fellow Brits, LG has blossomed faster than an evening primrose. With a sound and vocal range perfectly attuned for a delicious remix, and more specifically one geared towards the deeper, more melodic ends of the dancefloor. Today we have the newest edition to the group's If You Wait remix EP which this time features the standout album track "Hey Now," remixed in perfect form by the legendary deep-house deity (and UK icon), Sasha.

The legendary producer takes London Grammar's emotional anthem and spins it into a nearly nine-minute tech-house groove cruise with a bouncing bassline and twangy synth to go along with it. You can't deny the special feeling you get witnessing two ends of the UK dance spectrum meet each other in the middle on a remix like this. We'll surely be swaying to the beat for the rest of the week.

"If You Wait" remix EP is available May 6. If you live in Los Angeles be sure to catch London Grammar on their current mini-tour!

05/18 Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA - (headlining show)
05/19 UCLA Royce Hall - Los Angeles, CA (supporting COLDPLAY)