Cheat on Bacon with This Vegan BLT


This story is over 5 years old.


Cheat on Bacon with This Vegan BLT

Baconless but delicious, this tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sandwich from London pop-up Club Mexicana is the cruelty-free lunch you crave.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, bacon has had its moment. We've all seen the bacon doughnuts and the bacon jam and all that stuff.

But maybe our love affair with bacon has come down from its apex, and we're ready for a new sensation. One that still hits the spot, but doesn't make us shudder every time our aunt sends us a viral video of a cute baby piglet wearing pajamas. One that Morrissey would approve of, but that also contains enough carbs and grease to soak up all that residual tequila sloshing around your addled system on a Sunday morning. A guilt-free lunch that tastes like a guilty lunch.

RECIPE: Vegan BLT Club Mexicana, London's coolest new vegan spot, has the kind-but-killer sandwich your body and mind need right now. Their BLT is entirely plant-based. and swaps out bacon for crispy tempeh cooked in soy sauce. Smear some vegan mayo on thickly sliced Turkish bread, add tomatoes and lettuce (and avocado, vegans know what's up), and you've got yourself a VBLT.

Time to text bacon and say "it's not you, it's me."