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Jakarta's Infamous Stadium Club to Close After Cop's Overdose Death

The Indonesian nightclub that hosted the world's greatest DJs is under investigation and set to close.

The inside of Jakarta's infamous Stadium club

News broke this afternoon that, after a police officer reportedly overdosed while on the premises, the infamous Jakarta nightclub Stadium will be shut down. Deputy Governor "Ahok" Purnana announced Sunday that he had ordered Jakarta's Tourism Agency to immediately close the club after the death of the 22-year-old cop currently being referred to as JVG. "The incident cannot be tolerated," stated the local official.

This legendary club, established in 1998, has long been known for its 24-hour raucous dance parties, which have a reputation for their blasé attitude towards rampant drug use and sexual promiscuity. The club has played host to world-renowned DJs ranging from Âme to Derrick May, Dennis Ferrer, Danny Howells, Dubfire, Green Velvet and countless other big-name players.

Apparently this is not Stadium's first run-in with law enforcement and government figures—the administration had repeatedly warned Stadium's managment to curb all drug-related activities, to little or no avail. Governor Ahok had even gone so far as to contact the National Police chief, asking them to stage a full-on investigation into whether the club had connections to a widespread drug-trafficking ring.

Today, Dutch tech house superstar Joris Voorn expressed his disappointment over the club's recent closure on his Facebook page, saying, "I can't believe Stadium Jakarta is shut down. That place was by far the craziest club I've seen in my life—nothing compared to it. Think Berghain or Panorama Bar on steroids."  More news on the story as it develops.