Anthony Bourdain in Twitter War with David Duke After Accusation of Supporting 'White Genocide'

How much would you be willing to pay to watch Anthony Bourdain beat the shit out of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke?
March 3, 2017, 11:00pm
Photo via Flickr user Peabody Awards

Ever wanted to watch Anthony Bourdain enact some swift street justice on former KKK Imperial Wizard David Duke? Because it turns out the world has never before been closer to witnessing a reality in which the food icon mercifully "rearranges" the former KKK Imperial Wizard's kneecaps.

Last night, David Duke sent out a tweet accusing Bourdain of participating in a Jewish plot to commit white genocide, one in which "Exterminating the White race is the only hope." Duke's tweet—which made use of the triple parentheses the alt-right uses to highlight the names of Jews—included a link to a tweet by right-wing publisher Counter-Currents which featured a clip from a 2016 Parts Unknown episode filmed in Cologne, Germany. Got all that?


Obviously, the clip contains nothing implying the need for a white genocide, but does feature a conversation between Bourdain and chef René Stessl about the widespread racism that exists in Europe today and the issues surrounding immigration and refugees. At one point in the clip, Stessl quips about "a kind of utopia [where] the whole world will mix up with each other," and where "there will be no white people and only cappuccino-colored."

In response to Duke's tweet, Bourdain offered to do some body-part rearranging on the former wizard. And who can blame him?

Will Bourdain and Duke take their Twitter beef IRL, where Bourdain can show the world his Brazilian jiu jitsu skills in the most spectacular way imaginable? We can only sit back with a bucket of popcorn and wait.