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Yes, These Lamps Are Made of Bread

Artist Yukiko Morita makes lamps from baguettes, croissants, and loaves of bread.

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Catering to foodies and lighting designers alike, Yukiko Morita’s playful creation doubles as a freshly baked baguette and an unconventional lampshade.

Featured at Tokyo Design Week, Pampshades has gained attention for their unique design and novel features.

“I love bread. Bread is cute.” Says Morita, who started Pampshades in Kyoto, Japan in 2010, though her work with bread dates back to 2006 when she worked in a bakery as a teenager.


Soon after, she attended Kyoto University for the Arts where she created the first Pampshade prototype utilizing a simple bread recipe and an LED light. As Morita explains [hyperlink to site], she wanted to be able to look at bread for a long time because it inspires her creativity.

If you'd also like to look at bread for a long time, her website offers up two main types of Pampshades: the "battery type," which comes in the form of a champignon, a petits boule, a croissant or a coupe. And the "socket type" which you can order in baguette, batard, or big boule. Morita also lists somewhat of an outlier product that she titles “What time is it naan” which looks like a clock interface gracefully nailed into a piece of naan bread.

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