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Feel Maximum Coziness in One Artist's Photo Manipulations

Italian photographer Erika Zolli’s surreal self-portraits will make you want to curl up in a ball of blankets.
Images courtesy the artist

Given today’s digital manipulation tools, it's never been easier to create your own introspective dream worlds. It's no wonder, then, that aspiring surrealists like Erika Zolli are so enamored with Photoshop and After Effects. The Milan-based fine art photographer ponders the concept of self-image and her own self-perceptions in a series of surreal self portraits entitled, Me At My Best. These simple and sweet photo manipulations see the artist carefully blending her portrait into different celestial environments. A bouquet of flowers blossom out of her head as she reads from a book called How To Become a Flower. She takes a bath in a hot cup of tea in the clouds and curls up into a vortex of white linens—all this, within a soft pastel color palette. Check out works from the series below:


See more of Erika Zolli’s work on her website, and check her work out on Instagram.


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