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It's Trump as Orange King Kong in This Outrageous Word Game

Test your knowledge of The Donald's platitudes with outlandish trivia game 'Topple Trump.'
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It’s not every day that we get to watch Trump knocked off his high horse—or, in this case, high rise—and back down to the first floor. If you count yourself frustrated with the absurdity of the current Republican mouthpiece, here's a perfect way to wile away your boredom: Topple Trump, a word-blank game dedicated to the best (or worst) Trump-isms.

The massively entertaining soundbite-filling game is a a wealth of unbelievably real phrases uttered by the no-filter nominee. With more slack-jawed liberal listeners than steak options on the Trump Cafe menu, Trump truly has that exact off-color personality that his actual words can get lost in nonsense.


The game begins with a graphic of Trump hanging from a flagpole with a Stars and Stripes waving from it, on top of a Capitol-Hill-esque building. The player’s job is then to accurately fill in the ensuing quotes with the correct word-bank answer. Parallax, a digital agency, designed the game.

At first glance, it's a seemingly easy task—but, considering the outlandish comments that have escaped from The Donald, the game is somewhat of a challenge. If the player chooses the correct choice, the Democrats take the alloted points; but if he chooses the incorrect choice, the G.O.P. reaps the benefits.

Try the game for yourself and see what side of the aisle takes the cake on Topple Trump, here.


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