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Five Video Artists Not To Miss At This Week's Moving Image Festival

The festival includes work from Nam Jun Paik, Rollin Leonard, and other video art impresarios.
Still from Daniel Canogar's "Frequency" 

Moving Image Art Fair is hitting the streets of New York this week, and judging by this Artsy preview site, it's going to be a field day for digital artists.

Moving Image is an art fair that gathers any art that uses—you guessed it—moving images. Exhibitons range from Aziz + Cutcher's endlessly disintegrating and rebuilding digital structure Empress Triad to Daniel Canogar's 12-screen patchwork of images, Frequency.


Innovators like Rollin LeonardNam Jun Paik and Kingsley Ng will be there, furthering their statuses as video art impresarios. The fair lasts from March 6-9th. Here are five exhibits to make sure you see:

Kingsley Ng, Sun Over the Placid World

From Artsy: "Based on the Mongolian folk long song of the same title The Sun over the Placid World, at Ikh Gazriin Chuluu – Dundgobi, the birth place of this sacred song, Kingsley Ng traced the musical contour of the tune by forming a rock landscape."

Daniel Canogar, Frequency

"Frequency is a patchwork of 12 screens recovered from analog television sets. With the advent of digital television, analog sets were instantly rendered obsolete. Such screens have been discarded and piled up incessantly in junk-yards and electronic recycling centers. It is in such a center that the artist has recovered the metal meshes within television sets that are bombarded with the cathode ray, and onto which the visual content is formed."

Lisa Gwilliam & Ray Sweeten (DataSpaceTime), Debugging

"In Debugging divers perform a routine maintenance on an artificial eco-system. The artists, by redrawing and layering a simulated physical space, hint at the “upkeep" of the underlying architecture of the work itself, and comment on the subjectivity of the act of looking and it's varying degrees of awareness."

Zach Nader, optional features shown

"optional features shown is comprised of segments of car commercials in which the text and representations of cars and people have been digitally replaced."


Yves Netzhammer, Formal Conscience


Formal Conscience

 (2013) finishes a trilogy (

Dialogical Abrasion



Peripheries of Bodies

(2012) being the first two parts) with which Yves Netzhammer examines possible interactions between human beings and their surrounding."

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