Dreamy Music Video Turns London Dancers into Demons

Dancers become otherworldly creatures in Fx Goby’s music vide for The Ramona Flowers’ “Skies Turn Gold.”
August 3, 2016, 4:35pm
Images courtesy of the artist

“Don’t wake me up from this,” The Ramona Flowers insist in their upbeat and catchy new single, "Skies Turn Gold." Meanwhile, in director Fx Goby’s music video for the song, characters in separate locations across London dance in a sort of dream-state. As a young woman on a night bus, a young man at a bar, and a couple hanging out with their friends are seemingly possessed by the urge to dance, their physical bodies begin to change. The woman on the bus suddenly has hair falling out of her pants and sweater. The man at the bar’s face turns demonic, with crystal spikes sticking out of his forehead. The couple are covered in shimmering gauze and wound together.

The entire music video was shot in a single day and night around Hackney in London. Fx Goby wanted to incorporate previously existing footage of the band, however, which proved challenging. He eventually found a way to combine the footage with the video by having characters watch The Ramona Flowers perform, throughout the video, on their iPhones and TVs, giving the sense that their magical dance-reveries are indeed inspired by the delightful track. Fx Goby explains that he wanted to represent the “state of semi-consciousness when the brain works without filters.” Check out "Skies Turn Gold" below.

“Skies Turn Gold” is off The Ramona Flowers’ forthcoming album Part Time Spies, out September 9th on Distiller Records. Click here to visit the Fx Goby's website.


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