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Watch This Brain-Shaped Colossus Burst Into An Alien Light Show

At the New Media Night Festival in Russia, design studio Radugadesign brought a wooden sculpture to life through video-mapping.
July 31, 2014, 10:00pm
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On July 5th at Moscow's Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, the New Media Night Festival kicked off with with an extraordinary video-mapping spectacle by media design studio Radugadesign, projected on the H.R. Giger-esque sculpture Universe Mind designed by Nikolay Polissky.

The park's architectural centerpiece has long been among the art collection at Nikola-Lenivets. As one of the space's 28 public sculptures, it has been lit up and gathered around for past festivals several times. But with staging and theatrics by Radugadesign—and an atmospheric, ambient score by electronic musician, Murcof—the audio-visual piece was an illuminating jumpstart to the summer festival.

Universe Mind was accented with what looked like digital scales and vibrant lights by Radugadesign, at times turning the piece into an organic, living entity (well, almost). The piece even pulsated with light from its center; breathing and beating to the score.