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Augmented Reality GIF-ITI App Brings INSA's Moving Murals To Your Smartphone

New app GIF-ITI Viewer puts INSA's incredible "offline meets online" creations back on the streets where they belong.
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It goes without saying: INSA makes incredible GIF art murals. Previously, we've covered his apocalyptic GIF-ITI building, and his co-creation of the world's largest GIF wall painting. Now, with his augmented reality app, GIF-ITI Viewer, you can watch INSA's handmade creations reveal their full animated glory without ever having to leave the curb you’re standing on.

For those of us who can't make it to the sites of the artworks in person, INSA has provided a sampling of artworks that come to life with the GIF-ITI Viewer. Below, we've compiled a couple GIF-ITI portraits we can't wait to check out in person, be it via smartphone, or browser.


What you see in person:

With the GIF-ITI Viewer:

What you see in person:

With the GIF-ITI Viewer:

What you see in person:

With the GIF-ITI Viewer:

And here's INSA's app in action:


Some passers by today getting psyched on my new GIF-ITI App. And a sneak preview of the latest creation painted on Redchurch Street- London. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ The APP is in the App Store now. Just search 'GIF-ITI' or go to WWW.GIF-ITI.COM for more info. #hype #TheFuture #gifiti #gif #INSA

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For more of INSA's awesome animated action, check out GIF-ITI on Tumblr.


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