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Best Of The Rest

Best Of The Rest: Jazz-Playing Otters, World Cup Art, And Nature Seen Through A Hand

A week's worth of creativity, jammed into one epic blog post.
May 30, 2014, 9:50pm

This week, The Creators Project shared a documentary, breaking down Röyksopp and Robyn's collaborative mini album Do It Again track-by-track, talked with 16-year-old DIY inventor, Joey Hudy, who's making his own wearable tech, and released a video piece on scientists who are designing nano-flowers with chemicals. For every other awesome piece of creativity we missed this week… here's the best of the rest.


This week we…

…Took a look at nature through our, um, hands. [Fubiz]

…Listened to some free yazz with these Otters. They must have been celebrating the 100th anniversary of Sun Ra's birth. [Motherboard]

…Hitched a ride with this plane designed by Os Gemeos for the Brazilian World Cup team. [Mistura Urbana]

…Called heads or hero with this vibrant coin art. [Faith Is Torment]

…Realized how much Singapore looks like something out of a Ridley Scott movie in this crazy hyper-lapse. [Sploid]

…Had our jaws dropped by this… 3D-printed hyper-cube of monkeys? Because we really needed one of these.  [3Ders]

… Checked out these awesome illustrations of soccer stars in the FIFA World Cup. This is what we call graphic design. [We And The Color]

…Wondered if they'd make an Archer version of this TV-themed nail art. [NYObserver]

…Took a gander at a Pharrell-Curated art exhibition in Paris. So. Many. Celebs. [T Mag]

…Called our grandparents and explained a subtweet after watching these docs on cyber seniors. [FastCo]

…Drifted through this racetrack lit by hundreds of laser beams. Swerve. [DesignBoom]

…Got reminded to stay hydrated with this adorable water bottle. Because our hangovers weren't enough to remind us… [DesignTaxi]

…Checked out the lost designs for Spielberg's abandoned sequel to "Close Encounters." [The Verge]

What else did we miss? Let us know in the comments section! See y'all next week.